Hey Jealousy

Jealousy can be a strange thing. It creeps up on me in the middle of the day, while I’m doing laundry or making coffee. I’m minding my own business and boom. Freaking Facebook! Why haven’t I learned my lesson? I know social media has many positives, but it also can be so damaging when we Read More

Mark the Moment

Several years ago I read an amazing book. The book camped out in my mind for months after I finished it. I couldn’t stop thinking about the characters and the story. Certain lines would flash across my mind at different times and I would stop what I was doing and take a deep breath. It’s Read More

Molding hearts, shaping lives

A few First grade girls made my day this afternoon. I volunteered at my girls school to help some classes carve soap into hearts (it was Pioneer Day, it’s not a usual thing.) 😉 I was going from table to table asking if anyone needed help. As I was showing a girl how to carve Read More

Saturday Coffee

On this frigid Saturday morning, I was able to rest in my warm comfy bed and go back to sleep while my husband took the girls to their dance class. When they came home he had coffee and breakfast waiting for me in the kitchen. The thing is… it’s not the first time this has Read More

Fall’s First Frost

The first frost of November. There is a crisp chill in the air, winter is whispering that she is on her way. Little bodies need warm coats and little hands are forced into handmade mittens for the first time this season. My girl notices nature’s beauty before she even steps foot on the ground. The Read More

The Hat

Today, I had the pleasure of spending three hours celebrating and honoring our nations finest – the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. I am thankful for the men and women who have made countless sacrifices – even their lives, to give me and my family the freedoms that we enjoy. I am Read More

Lovies and Teddy Bears

Since she was a newborn we have called my oldest, “Chloe-bear.” Now, she is 9 going on 16. She asked me recently to find her beloved teddy bear that she had as a toddler. I was surprised by the request, because sometimes she just seems so grown up and independent already. Somewhere in the many Read More

Cardinal Nation

Ten years ago, this Dallas girl got married and moved to St. Louis. Though born and raised in Texas, my husband had been working and living in St. Louis for a couple of years and he loved it. We decided this was an ideal place to continue living and hopefully raise a family someday. Besides Read More

The Very Best Words

“Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Proverbs 16:24 After leading worship at church last weekend, a friend sent me an encouraging email. She said, “I love how you draw others into worship.  Thank you for giving of yourself when I know you don’t have very much to Read More


I don’t like being busy. It is stressful and frantic. In our culture, a busy lifestyle seems to be the norm and sometimes it even feels like it’s how we are “supposed” to live. I think it’s highly overrated. It steals the joy out of the day, takes the luster out of our living. It Read More

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