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Missing God in the Story

{A little background, I read The Shack in 2010 after it had reached it’s peak in popularity among Christian circles. I was volunteering in our church bookstore at the time and vividly remember the masses talking about the story as being beautiful and faith-changing. I didn’t read it for a long time because I’m slow to jump on bandwagons. Read More

This is the church

Church. It seems like it was always a part of my vocabulary. I grew up in church. After learning about Jesus, I asked to be baptized at the age of nine in our Bible church. I sat in “big church” before I could walk and began taking sermon notes by the time I was seven. Read More

He is

  (He is in) the air the storm the whisper of someone close   (He is in) the stillness the silence the stirring of love settling within my bones   (He is in) the sound only my heart can hear – familiar yet unknown the murmur that awakens spirits of stone   (He is in) the Read More


  I read an article the other day about world changers and the 5 things they “should” do before they are 35. You can read it here – I know it may be subjective, but as I was reading it I mentally checked off each one for my husband because he has these down and Read More

Fixer Upper

I struggled this year to overcome the “sick girl” persona that my diagnosis labeled me. There are many things that having a chronic illness makes incredibly difficult and finding a job was one of them. But God has truly given me a peace that passes all understanding. I’m learning that he has equipped me with a Read More

Through the Lens of Love

I often think in terms of loss with this disease. I feel robbed of  what was supposed to be the best years of my life. Stolen days, remnants of a social life, distant dreams, and goals that have taken a backseat to my health. My purpose,  passions, ambitions – all  vanished. I will never get the Read More

Share Your Story

I walked 2 miles on Tuesday last week. TWO whole miles. For my amazing running friends who run 40 miles a day, do 500,000 mile marathons, triathlons, and run-15-hours-through-mud-athons every weekend, I know this sounds like the warm-up before your warm-up. But for me… it has been years since I could do it. Years. In the past, Read More

Conscious Coupling

So one of the “longest” marriages in Hollywood is over. Infidelity? Irreconcilable differences? Fighting? Nope. Nothing. There’s no reason. They are referring to it as “consciously uncoupling.”  I don’t know what that means but it sounds better than “divorce,” I guess. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin married the same year Ryan and I did (’03) Read More

Grey Matters

I don’t know how to explain the chronic diseased life. There are only so many words and I think I have used them all. When it comes to living a half-lived life, words fail. This type of disease is tricky. It is confusing since there is quite a bit of false information out there and Read More

To the Beautiful Anonymous…

I stumbled onto this quote the other day from a blog post that was about helping loved ones who are depressed, but I think the information can apply for those who are chronically ill, as well. And, let’s be honest. Being sick for the long term can cause serious depression. These words really hit home Read More

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