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Mr. John – What the Bus Driver Taught Me

Yet another school year behind us and two more school supply lists already in front of me. (No lie.) Summer is here! This past school year, the girls got a new bus driver and although we have liked them all, this year’s was our favorite. I think he reminded the girls of their grandpa. He Read More

Wide Awake and Dreaming

Even 13 years after his passing, my friend Brian’s┬áspirit continues to remind me of the hope that is in the world. His love for life was contagious and his passion for music was beautiful to witness. Some of my favorite memories of him were when we didn’t have any plans which was most of the Read More

Don’t Miss It

I love EVERYTHING about Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday. I prepare for Christmas morning like a child. I get wrapped up in the excitement, the decorations and the giving. In the past I have gotten caught up in things that didn’t really matter. I quickly moved right through my favorite season without really being in Read More

Through Her Eyes

We went to Michigan last week for a friend’s wedding and decided to make a little family summer vacation from it. On the way, we stopped to visit Ryan’s dad and step-mom and did some Michigan sightseeing. My youngest has been increasingly interested in photography, so instead of using her iTouch to play games, she Read More

Thirty Notes

I stare at the paper and words written in blue ink. The handwriting is small and neatly printed. He wrote me almost every day and thirty of the notes survived. Holding them in my hands takes me back and I stop to catch my breath. Almost 20 years. Has it really been that long? To Read More

Mending Gracefully

Last week my six year-old “baby” informed me that she has two loose teeth. She has also outgrown all her shoes this month. My emotional state was already quite fragile, but it was about to get worse. For some reason – even without energy and feeling like death, I started organizing our storage room. Try Read More

My Valentine Revelations

I thought I would post a “love” post today since this is Valentines week, so please bear with the sentimentality… I don’t do this very often. ­čÖé ┬áThis month is pretty special to me… not because of Valentines Day, which to be honest – I’ve never been a fan, but because my husband was born Read More

Living With A Stranger

“In Alzheimer’s the mind dies first: names, dates, places – the interior scrapbook of an entire life – fade into mists of non-recognition.” Mark Clark At the end of my Junior year in college I was working two jobs while taking 21 college credit hours. It was difficult to put myself through school and try Read More

The Stinky Basement Mystery of 2007

Every year when I put away the Halloween decorations that are scattered haphazardly around the house, I can’t help but think of a chilly October day in 2007 that has lived in infamy in our little family. Our home at that time had a very large partially finished basement. For months that year, there had Read More


The smell of Jimmy Dean sausage is filling up the red brick house with white shutters on 106 16th Street in Hereford, Texas. She sets my orange juice in front of me and lovingly squeezes my shoulder. It is in my favorite glass, the one I request every time I stay with her. Yellow farm Read More

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