Month: July 2013

Two Days

Yesterday was…well, it was simply a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day,” as Alexander would say. If you are not familiar with this book, you can listen to it here: I’ve had many bad days in my life… awful days with my health, stressful financial times, horrible moments when I wasn’t the person Read More

Days Like This

This morning I took a time out from life. I shared breakfast with some women who challenge me, inspire me and love on me. I was wrapped in nature, surrounded by vibrant wild flowers, buzzing busy bees and towering oak trees. A cool breeze touched my shoulder and I whispered words of thanks to my Read More


It is discouraging to me to see my girls already thrown into the battle our culture wages with normalcy. Normal. What is that and what does it even mean? Why is it so important to us to be like everyone else? I don’t even think I could define what a “normal” person is. ItĀ frustrates me Read More

Through Her Eyes

We went to Michigan last week for a friend’s wedding and decided to make a little family summer vacation from it. On the way, we stopped to visit Ryan’s dad and step-mom and did some Michigan sightseeing. My youngest has been increasingly interested in photography, so instead of using her iTouch to play games, she Read More