Month: August 2012

Beta Observations

Today I observed as my fish swam around individually in their separate glass bowls.  They are positioned  close together – close enough that the bowls even touch. One of the fish has been swimming quite lethargically lately and often sinks to the bottom of the bowl. She doesn’t come to the surface much anymore and sometimes Read More

This is why I write…

  This is why I write… I write because I like to feel the words as they fall from my mind, flow through my veins and slowly seep out from under my skin…making their way to my eager fingertips and onto the page. The rush is extraordinary.  I write because I get deep cravings to Read More

Baby Mine

Dear Little C… It is almost here. I’ve been avoiding it as long as I possibly can but it is inevitable and you have to grow up, I suppose. I have four days left with you before you start Kindergarten and I have slowly been falling apart all summer. You are my joy and my Read More