Month: May 2012

Seize Your Story

I got punched in the gut. Not literally but it felt like it (except that my sweet friend would never do that.) She posted a note on Facebook about my journey with Lyme and wrote about how my story helped with her own health after she found a tick and a rash developed. The “note” Read More

In the blink of an eye…

  “Life is not an emergency. Life is a gift. A pail with a pinhole loses as much water as a pail pushed over. A whole life can be wasted in minutes wasted, small moments missed.”   ~Ann Voskamp I guess it’s this disease that’s causing my current sentimental state. The disease attacks my body at Read More


  Tonight, I am overwhelmed by God’s grace. The message tonight at church was about healing. Sometimes we think we aren’t praying big enough prayers or that we don’t have enough faith when God doesn’t heal us or provide the miracle we are asking of Him. I know in my heart that isn’t true, but Read More

Life With Lyme

  Since it is Lyme Disease Awareness month, I decided to write about this disease that has taken over my body and my life over the past few years. **Disclaimer: I’m going to be very transparent and brutally honest.** Doctors don’t tell someone with cancer, “You are just depressed.” or “No more testing for your Read More